Fiery Korean Cheesy Chicken Ramen + Le Creuset Giveaway

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to announce that XLBCR has been nominated by Buro 24/7 in the category of Best Male Digital Influencer under the Buro 24/7 Digital Awards 2016. I have never considered myself to be an 'influencer'. & definitely not good at gathering votes for awards like these. Having said that do check out the other inspiring nominees & vote for your favorite! :D

Le Creuset Sg Giveaway Contest

Another exciting happening this week! In partner with Le Creuset Singapore (my all time favorite cookware), XLBCR is giving out a 25cm Oval French Oven in Coastal Blue worth 589 SGD! Below are the requirements to be eligible for the giveaway! One lucky participants will be chosen randomly to be the Winner of the giveaway contest! 

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Sorry to break this to my overseas readers, this giveaway is open to readers that reside in Singapore only. I hope to organize an international giveaway though in the near future!

So what's in store this week?

Red, hot & spicy! It's the Fiery Korean Cheesy Chicken Ramen One Pot Recipe! Perfect for late night supper gathering. & please don't forget the beer (shoju?) to go with it, brings you right back to Korea! 

I swear this is so easy that I made a Buzzfeed Food inspired recipe video out from it. Not my usual practice, but I am definitely having fun shooting some footage instead of the usual images. More to come!!!

4 simple ingredient components are all you need in this recipe -

  • red chilli paste mix,
  • chicken thigh (or breast)
  • mozzarella cheese
  • instant korean ramen noodles

INGREDIENTS - 4 Servings - 30 Minutes

  • 800 g of chicken thigh, bite size
  • 350 g of mozzarella cheese, cut into cubes
  • 2-3 packets of shin ramen instant noodles
  • 40 g of (Korean) hot pepper flakes, gochu 
  • 3 tbs of Korean chilli paste, gochujang
  • 6 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tbs of soy sauce
  • 2 tbs of brown sugar
  • 3 tbs of honey
  • 1 tbs of sesame oil
  • pinch of black pepper
  • 2 tbs of vegetable oil
  • scallions, sesame seeds, shredded seaweed for garnishing


First, let's prepare the hot chilli paste mixture. In a mixing bowl, combine hot pepper flakes, korean chilli paste, minced garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar, honey & sesame oil. Mix well until a glue like paste mixture is formed.

Add the chilli paste to the chicken thigh and combine till well coated. 

Prepare a bot of boiling water on medium heat. Add in Korean instant ramen noodles. Cook till just when the ramen about to turn springy (losing its solidify circular form). Remove the ramen from the pot and set aside. Note: do not overcook the noodles as it will be fully cooked through in the later process.

In a wide shallow pot/dutch oven, preheat vegetable oil on medium low heat. Add in marinated chicken bites. Sauteed for a minute or two. Cover with a lid & let it cook for 3-5 minutes. Open the lid, flip the meat to the other side. Cover back & let it cook for a few more minutes. Uncover the lid, add in the ramen noodles, stir well to combine. Ensure the noodles are coated evenly with the chilli sauce from the marinated chicken.

Add in Mozzarella cheese on top of the noodles & chicken. Cover with a lid on low heat. When the mozarella cheese has almost melted, transfer the dutch oven into a preheated broiler for approximately 5 minutes till cheese has fully melted and formed a nice brown crust over the top.

Garnish with sesame seeds, shredded seaweed & scallions. You're ready to serve!