'Indulge Yourself' - Hotel Proverbs Taipei

Black mesh designed exterior, at one glance - passerby could never figure out the interior structure of the building while the guests on the inside have a clear view of the neighbourhood giving a sense of privacy while maintaining the building aesthetic that harmonises well with the city vibe.

Nestled right in the middle of Taipei's eastern district away from the main street, is Hotel Proverbs Taipei, a luxury boutique hotel of refinement by one of the most influential architect Ray Chen.

Entering the main entrance, with the warm welcoming fragrance from the bread, on the right is the L'IDIOT BAKERY. The bakery creates hand-kneaded goods using imported Japanese & French flour offering a wide range of freshly baked bread & pastries in limited quantities everyday!

Around the District

Less than 5 mins walk, away from SOGO Departmental Store, & Zhong Xiao Fuxing Station - Travelling to any part of the city wouldn't be a problem.  The eastern district also known for it's hippy culture among the younger generations, houses many independant cafes, eateries, street food & fashion which you can easily find around the corners.

Room & Facilities

Incorporating the traces of time - With only 42 guest-rooms spreading over 5 different room types, here you can find rooms retaining some of the original element of the building like the exposed concrete.

A fusion of old and new - wooden panelled & deep blue marble granite wall elements, with elegant lamps hanging from the ceiling, combining fashionable yet firm stone with warm textured leather ensuring throughout the hotel one would never see the same stock hotel facilities.

Being the third project with the Gloria Hotel Group, revolving around the concept of 'home', designer Ray Chen deliberately divide the room into 'sections' -  establishing each room with its designated work space, sleeping space, bathing space & lounge area.

Dining & Bar

East End

One of the hottest bar in town - located on the third floor of Hotel Proverbs Taipei. It is the only bar that is working closely with world-class award winning Japanese mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno. In addition to that, co-founder of East End bar - mixologist Nick Wu, the pioneer in Taiwan's bartending scene, took his winning spot at the 2016 Taiwan World Class Champion this year & also placed third at the World Flaring Championship back in 2015.

It is without a doubt that East End continue to uphold their quality & innovation in offering drinks that are constantly on the world-class standard. 

TK. Seafood & Steak

Headed by Chef Fudy Chen, also the director of the restaurant & hotel - located on the first floor of the hotel, TK. Seafood & Steak not only serves fresh caught seafood & top quality aged beef, the restaurant also focuses on farm to table concept where Fudy Chen (after working in a three michelin starred restaurant in New York) invested in a plot of land targeting on permaculture farming which brings fresh produce right to the dining plates.

Keep a lookout on the 'EAT' section as I went down to Fudy Chen's farm to know more about his passion in permaculture farming & his love for food.

In essence, the feeling of 'home' & tranquility is what you can find right in the heart of the city. Indeed, indulge yourself as Hotel Proverbs Taipei not only provide world class designed space & accommodation to your needs, but also world-class bar & dining luxurious experience for each of their guest.

Address: 56, Sec.1, Da'an Road, Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Nearest Train: Zhong Xiao Fuxing Station
Website: https://www.hotel-proverbs.com/