TK Seafood & Steak + Permaculture Farm Trip

This week, from my recent Taipei adventure, sharing with you guys this restaurant - TK Seafood & Steak located on the first floor of Hotel Proverbs Taipei. Head by Culinary Director Fudy Chen, TK Seafood & Steak serves top-quality house aged beef, daily harvested vegetables & fresh seafood from his very own farm & local fishing wharf. 


An extension of renowned designer Ray Chen's Project for Hotel Proverbs Taipei - warm faux-designed tiles, 3 floor-high-ceiling hang Austrian crystal chandeliers w/ reflective black wall panels, elegant tableware & furnitures - creating an interplay of streaming sunlight & darkness, highlighting the grand refinement & delicate beauty of TK Seafood & Steak. 


Top: Uni, Ikura Don
Left: Arugula, Seasonal Fruit, Burrata Salad, Walnuts, House-aged Charcuterie, Truffle Dressing
Right: Seared Scallop, Clam Butter Sauce, Nuts Crumble, Lemon

A series of cold & hot starters before moving into the mains. Generally light on the seasoning focusing on bringing out the natural flavours (sweetness) of the fresh produce & seasonal seafood.


I was lucky enough to be invited into the kitchen to capture the team of chef cooking up the feast for us! Employing the restaurant's secret weapon in their steak & seasonal seafood - Spanish Josper - a combination of grill & oven, the Josper seals the juice of the steak in while imparting flavors from the grill.

The use of wood chips also play a very important role, which in this case - wet white oak wood chips which have been specifically sourced from 1866 founded Tennessee Whiskey Distillery Jack Daniel's

Top: Seared Beef Tongue & Beef Cheek Roll with Beef Jus
Left: Spicy Crab Meat, Green Pea, Lemon Pasta
Right: Josper Roasted Whole Fish, Salsa Verde, Tomato Olive Salad

The insistence of using quality ingredients & fresh produce harvested daily from the farm is what makes this restaurant unique on it's own. Apart from focusing on the natural flavours of the ingredients, the innovative & creative skills of the chef also play a vital role. To constantly be updated with seasonal, new & fresh ingredients creating multilayered mouthfeel bringing new level of refinement to satisfy the discerning tastebuds of the patron.

Address: 56, Sec.1, Da'an Road, Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Nearest Train: Zhong Xiao Fuxing Station
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday & Eve of Public Holiday - 8.00am - 8.00pm

Permaculture Farm Trip

TK Seafood & Steak + Permaculture Farm Trip

After the tasty meal at TK Seafood & Steak, we made a trip down to Culinary Head Fudy Chen's farm situated at the foot of Yang Ming Shan on the following day. Amidst his hectic schedule in overseeing his F&B establishment, one of his favourite past time & hobbies include Permaculture farming -  most of the produces are being supplied from his farm to the restaurants. 

So what exactly is Permaculture farming? - It is the development of agriculture ecosystems intended to be sustainable & self-sufficient. It focuses on keeping the natural habitat as it is & co-existing with the insects (pest) & animals by creating a comfortable environment for them yet still allowing the crops to grow healthily in the same environment. 

From natural herbs - like thyme, rosemary, dill to wide array of vegetables & fruits like arugula, figs, peaches,  cabbages etc. It is quite an amazing feat that Director Fudy Chen managed to transform this once 'scrap' land into what it is today! Farm-to-table ideology is the next level that any 'culinarian' would ever hope to achieve at least once in a life time.